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Articles written by Ron Hungarter

  • "Good Contractors - Bad Specs - New Homeowners - Litigation" A slightly modified version of this article has been published in the February, 2002 issue of NW Builder magazine, entitled "Bad Specs Bring New Mold", page 41, and is the follow-up to the above article, "Mold in the Attic, Lawyers on the Doorstep".

  • "Mold in the Attic, Lawyers on the Doorstep" published November 2001, page 30 of North West Builders Magazine
    "Ron - Many thanks for your informative articles on proper attic ventilation. You have solved the mystery of why the attic in my 5 year old house has a musty odor and some mold in spots on some of the rafters. As your writings pointed out, gable vents are unneeded and actually harmful if a house also has ridge and soffit vents. Thanks!"

    Craig Kershaw
    Sykesville, MD

  • Ron Hungarter Helps Fireland Habitat For Humanity's "All Women's Build" In Sandusky, OH, Summer of 2007

  • "ATTIC HEAT...Attic Ventilation Homeowners beware!", published in the September 2000 issue of the Midwestern Roofing Contractors Association's monthly magazine.

  • "Scary Stories, Part I, from the attic" published September 2000, page 20 of North West Builders magazine
  • "Attic Ventilation, where are you?" published in June, 2003 MR magazine - Midwestern Roofing Contractors Association summer issue.
  • "Attic Heat, Attic Ventilation, Homeowners beware!" (A variety of home help)
  • "Ice Damming... Roofers are not always to blame!" (About Ice Dams)
  • "Scary Stories From The Attic, Part II" (Discusses peeling paint and attic ventilation)
  • "Scary Stories From The Attic, Part III" (Discusses black mold and attic ventilation)
  • "Do-It-Yourself Roofing Tips" (How to install roofing)
  • "Mixing Vents & Black Mold" (Mixing outlet vents can lead to mold)

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