Scary Stories From The Attic, Part III
Ventilation Failure...Black Mold

By Ron Hungarter

At first glance, this beautiful home, built in 1994, appears properly ventilated, right?
Wrong! This home has unsatisfactory attic ventilation. Black mold has already started
to grow strong on the north side attic area. Delamination is not far behind, if not fixed!

Inspected property

No ridge outlet vents on dormer roofs!

Front porch area - North side

No vents in porch area. Intermittent soffit vents are not enough!

Rear, shows 8' missing ridge vents

4 feet without no ridge vents on one side

Intermittent soffit vents are not enough

4 feet without no ridge vents on the other side

Intermittent soffit vents are not enough

Inspector entering the attic

Ron Hungarter, sweating at only 62 degrees outside temperature!

Before you view the photographs below, depicting the conditions I discovered during my inspection, I want you to have some background about the sellers: They are a young couple, a chiropractor and his wife. They are selling their home, which they had built in 1996, in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and are moving to get away from their allergies, including mold. They did not even know they had mold in their attic!

Black mold, a health hazard, already developing on the north side

More black mold on the north side

Even more black mold in a 4.5 year old house
Click on above photo for an enlarged image of the mold

Note: The brownish round spots on the insulation are attic condensation dripping from the rusting roofing nails during cold weather!

The Fix: Properly install continuous soffit vents and install continous, baffled ridge vents!

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