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Professional Fees

Residential Home Inspection & Report Fees:

$400...Structural Inspection & Report....(Basic Single Family - Minimum call-out fee)

Note: Clients shall receive either a CD or DVD, depending on how many photographs were shot, all in high resolution. The disc will also contain the report in a pdf format for your files and use. Paper copies of the report are no longer provided. A pdf of the report can also be e-mailed to the address of your choice.

$150...Add For Each Additional Dwelling Unit Within Main Structure
$100...Wood Boring Insect Infestation (Termite) Inspection & Report (By A Licensed Exterminator)
$125...Radon Gas Test and Report (By a PA DEP Certified Tester)
$50...Well Water Test & Report (E.coli Only)
$100/hr...Added after 2 hours on-site (For over-sized units / conditionally challenged units)
$75/hr...Add For Travel Over 15 mile radius from Public Square, W-B

Commercial Real Estate Inspection & Report Fees:

$500...Commercial Building (Entire Exterior and One Tenant)
$150...Add For Each Additional Tenant Units
$100/hr...Add After 2 hours On-Site (Over-sized units / Problem units)
$75/hr...Add For Travel over 15 mile radius from Public Square, W-B

Construction (Legal/Expert Witness) Inspection & Report Fees:

$1,000...Initial Inspection & Report Fee which is based on the first 2 hours of on-site inspection. (All additional time based on $250/hr. thereafter or as noted below.)

$250/hr...(After initial 2 hour inspection time) Professional Fee shall apply for court preparation.

$600...Retainer - Minimum, pre-paid, non-refundable testimony fee shall be due upon scheduling the trial date, whether testimony becomes necessary or not. This fee will include the first two hours of time, if a courtroom appearance is executed.

$300/hr...The professional fee for actual courthouse time (including, but not limited to time awaiting my testimony and actual testimony) with the above $600 non-refundable fee applied towards that total courthouse time fee. (2-Hrs.)

$75...Add for Travel over 15 mile radius from Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Should overnight accommodations be required, tolls, etc., those overheads and out-of-poacket expenses shall be billed out at face value plus 10%.

On-Line Consultation Fees:

$400...Base Fee for Initial Consultation, Advice and e-mail contacts. (Base on 2 hours)

$100/hr...Professional fee shall apply for involved and/or complicated cases involving more than 2 initial hours of work.

Please call us at (570) 262-9236 or e-mail me at to schedule your inspection.

Payment of All professional fees shall be required at the time of the respective service, or as noted above.

Thank you and good luck with your property!

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