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Professional Fees

Residential Home Inspection & Report Fees:

$400...Structural Inspection & Report....(Basic Single Family - Minimum call-out fee)

Note: Clients shall receive either a CD or DVD, depending on how many photographs were shot, all in high resolution. The disc will also contain the report in a pdf format for your files and use. Paper copies of the report are no longer provided. A pdf of the report can also be e-mailed to the address of your choice.

$150...Add For Each Additional Dwelling Unit Within Main Structure
$50...Well Water Test & Report (E.coli Only)
$100/hr...Added after 2 hours on-site (For over-sized units / conditionally challenged units)
$75/hr...Add For Travel Over 10 mile radius from Public Square, W-B

Commercial Real Estate Inspection & Report Fees:

$500...Commercial Building (Entire Exterior and One Tenant)
$150...Add For Each Additional Tenant Units
$100/hr...Add After 2 hours On-Site (Over-sized units / Problem units)
$75/hr...Add For Travel over 10 mile radius from Public Square, W-B

Construction (Legal/Expert Witness) Inspection & Report Fees:

$1,000...Initial Inspection & Report Fee which is based on the first 2 hours of on-site inspection. (All additional time based on $250/hr. thereafter or as noted below.)

$250/hr...(After initial 2 hour inspection time) Professional Fee shall apply for court preparation.

$600...Retainer - Minimum, pre-paid, non-refundable testimony fee shall be due upon scheduling the trial date, whether testimony becomes necessary or not. This fee will include the first two hours of time, if a courtroom appearance is required.

$300/hr...The professional fee for actual courthouse time testimony (including, but not limited to time awaiting my testimony and actual testimony) with the above $600 non-refundable fee applied towards that total courthouse time fee. (2-Hrs.)

$75...Add for Travel over 10 mile radius from Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Should overnight accommodations be required, tolls, etc., those overheads and out-of-poacket expenses shall be billed out at face value plus 10%.

On-Line Consultation Fees:

$400...Base Fee for Initial Consultation, Advice and e-mail contacts. (Base on 2 hours)

$100/hr...Professional fee shall apply for involved and/or complicated cases involving more than 2 initial hours of work.

Payment of All professional fees shall be required at the time of the respective service, or as noted above.

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Phone: (570) 262-9236

Thank you and good luck with your property.

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