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Firelands Habitat for Humanity in Sandusky, OH is a very active Chapter with many great volunteers, some of whom have the heart and sole for volunteer work, but who lack the skills needed for various construction activities. Judy Hippler, a Team Leader and also a member of the Habitat for Humanity's RV Care-A-Vanners recently returned from builds in Slidel, LA and Leland, MS where she learned of the THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes and THOR® Double Chalkers first hand. Having seen how helpful these THOR® roofing tools were in action, in August 2007 she requested the help of THOR® for their All-Women's Build at 1007 Hancock Street, Route 250, Sandusky, OH 44870. "We are looking forward to having a perfect roof and hassle free installation", said Mrs. Hippler. (Mouseover images for descriptions.)

Habitat Prayer before starting   Sandy and Judy fill Double Chalkers® with Magichalk®   Judy folds THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes

Since THOR® was introducing new 16" on-center framing tapes, new 8", 9" and 10" siding tapes and 24" on-center truss tapes to Habitat for Humanity, in addition to the THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes, THOR® Double Chalkers and Magichalk®, I decided to attend the build in person. What a great experience. What those women lacked in knowledge they more than made up for in moxy and a willingness to learn how to do things right. I would not have traded that time with those volunteers for all the tea in China, as they say.

Caroline and Sandy place THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes   Judy and Brenda install THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes   Caroline starts installing shingles

The women had already installed the trusses, roof decking and felt upon my arrival. Judy made it a point to tell me that the 24" on-center THOR® Truss Layout Tapes worked great and kept the entire truss layout exactly on mark without any creep or human errors. The siding tapes and stud tapes were not scheduled for use until after I was scheduled to leave. Sandy Zitner, Team Leader for this All-Women's Build assured me photographs would be taken of the new siding and 16" framing tapes in action, too. (Stay tuned for a follow-up article)

Sandy, Brenda and Judy snap lines   Habitat Volunteers installing shingles   Habitat Working all over roof

With the roof deck now prepared, the women then simply utilized the THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes to install a 5-5/8" pattern Owens Corning architectural fiberglass shingle roof. After the tapes were installed on the rear roof, lines were quickly and accurately struck with the THOR® Double Chalkers, filled with Magichalk®, a non-staining and easily seen yellow chalk powder. These women were so anxious to get working that some started shingling at one end of the roof while the lines were still being struck on the other end of the roof, each volunteer now knowing exactly where each course of shingles would be installed without any manual measurements or other calculations, and computer accurate, too.

THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes keep Habitat organized   Habitat Installing Arrow Straight Shingles   Habitat Volunteers Brenda and Caroline near top

It was a very, very hot day with temperatures in the 90's with high humidity. Because of the heat, the women only worked until noon. But, in that short time, they completed the entire rear roof - arrow straight, accurate and beautiful shingle lines were the final product of their efforts, just as Judy had hoped it would turn out using the THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes. She was absolutely thrilled with that day's work.

Habitat Uses THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes   Habitat Snapping Front Roof Lines   Woman Habitat Volunteer Shingling

The next day, the two-part front roof was laid out with the THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes; THOR® Double Chalkers; and Magichalk®. Again, dealing with volunteers can be difficult, as Judy explained. The volunteers want to help, but often do not know how. The THOR® Roofiing Layout Tapes made the roof shingle layout simple, fast and accurate. The women now knew that all they had to do was to place the tops of the roofing shingles on the lines created by the THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes and nail them to the roof deck. Simple.

Habitat installing front shingles   Habitat Installed Straight Shingles   Judy, Brenda, Sandy and Ron Hungarter

When the roof was completed, the team leaders posed for a formal photograph with me on the rooftop. Afterwards, they let me know what they really thought about their new roofing installation. Pride in a job well done was everywhere, as it should have been! The women did a great job! THOR® was very proud of everyone. Doing something right provides one with a sense of accomplishment that all volunteers hope to feel, the reason they are there in the first place. They did! They did it and did it as good as any professional roofer could have ever done, too! Great job ladies!

Habitat Did Thumbs Up for THOR® Roofing Tools
Habitat for Humanity Women's Build gave a thumbs up to THOR® Tools!

How Judy, Brenda and Sandy Really Felt About THOR® Roofing Tools
THOR® Roofing Tools really empowered the LADIES of Sandusky, Ohio!

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