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Structural Inspection and Report

Performed by:

Ronald C. Hungarter, President
Ron Hungarter Associates, Inc.

Starting back in the late 1970's, Ron helped his friends, as part of his construction company. Finally, in 1986, Ron Hungarter Associates, Inc. was finally formed and incorporated.

Today, Ron's inspection procedure includes the use of a digital camera with all photographs and the report (in a pdf format) burned to a CD or DVD for the client's files, use and permanent records.

Starting on the exterior of the property, he documents the exterior perimeter systems. He then proceeds from the basement, or lowest level up through and to the attic, or the highest level of the interior, listing all of the systems of the property. Those systems (20 in a standard home, including: structure, roof and ventilation, siding, gutters, chimney, perimeter drainage, steps and decks, doors, windows, foundation, garage, electrical, water heater, heating and central air conditioning, plumbing, kitchen, floors, walls, ceilings, attic structure and insulation) are then classified as either functional, marginal, or unsatisfactory.

Functional - meaning that the material or system is in good condition and is performing the designed purpose with no further comment needed in the written report.

Marginal - meaning that the material or system is still performing the designed purpose, but is starting to deteriorate or develop some other type of condition which is identified and explained in the prose written report.

Unsatisfactory - meaning that the material or system has failed and is either no longer performing the designed purpose and/or is creating a safety hazard, which is identified and explained, in detail, in the prose written report.

Note: The inspection reports are written in simple-to-understand language so that everyone involved understands the conditions being reported. They are a prose, written report, not some check-off or fill-in-the-blank, ambiguous report!

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